Call for projects

The African Capitals of Culture are launching a call for expressions of interest addressed to project leaders from the continent. Whether you are acting on your own behalf or on behalf of your structure, whether you are citizens, entrepreneurs, elected officials, artists, cultural or civil society actors, teachers... you can propose a project to integrate the Marrakech 2020 programme, participate in major multi-year programmes, participate in the creative dynamics of African Capitals of Culture.

To express your interest, we suggest that you fill in the online form. The call is open continuously. You will be kept informed of the progress of your proposal after the meeting of the Organising Committee of the African Capitals of Culture.

Supported by UCLG Africa, the African Capitals of Culture aim to affirm the continent's cultural independence and its crucial role for the future of a humanity struggling with the challenges of transition. Nine major multiannual programmes, combining public and private funding, structure and network Africa's cultural and creative actors, and boost and develop their potential and capacity to act.

Every three years, these programmes converge on a host city, declared for one year as African Capital of Culture, and then rebound on the continent, in a continuously renewed and nourished momentum. Designed by and for Africans, supported by a vast network of cities and regional authorities, the African Capitals of Culture will launch their pilot programmes throughout 2020: Africa will celebrate Marrakech, the first milestone of the African Capitals of Culture, while Marrakech will celebrate Africa, through multidisciplinary programmes and dedicated forums.

Before submitting your proposal, check your eligibility:

Eligibility of project leaders :

- Have more than two years of experience
- Be a native or resident of one of the 54 African countries

Eligibility of projects:

- Provide an innovative, artistic or cultural response to the values and objectives of the African Capitals of Culture
- Present a detailed and balanced budget
- Have established collaborations or partnerships with local public institutions

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